Would You Believe This?

I woke up at about 5 am. to pee. I was half asleep. I returned to sleep immediately afterwards. Then, the following happened:

One soldier with dark complexion accompanied with two others comes to our hall. He is their commander for sure. I can see it from his posture. I don’t know how but our door is also open. The hall has a common corridor to all the three partitioned rooms. I am the only one standing here when they come. And so he speaks to me:

 “Well, collect all your private properties and get ready. Leave all the prison properties there.” His talk is an order and it is for all of us. He is assuming that I am going to tell them all. He is also inspecting our hall indifferently. “Hurry up!” he adds. Then, he starts to go back almost immediately. We had some rumour that we would be released in our sixth month. We have been waiting for it.

 Hence, an idea comes to my mind and I ask him this instantly:

 “Shall we wear our best cloths?” I thought the answer for this question could be a sort of litmus paper.

 “Whatever you like,” he replies me without much interest and he leaves with his comrades and the door is closed behind. I am not happy with his answer definitely. ‘Will they release us or take us somewhere else?’ I ask myself. ‘If they were to release us, at least I could have read it from his face. He has a tightened look on his face,’ I concluded.

 ‘O God! Help us today. Otherwise, this thing is going to be very dreadful,’ I pleaded.

I heard people talk around me as I woke up again in anguish from my dream. It was already time to go out for defecation. Oh my God! I slept only for a while and I had such a bewildering dream.

We were 19 people altogether in the hall, divided into three groups in the small rooms inside the hall itself. Our hall’s door was always locked from the outside except for two reasons; one, for us to go to the open ‘WC’ twice a day, and second for the passage of baskets of food our families bring us. And, of course, there was always an armed guard at the hall’s door.

That day was exactly the end of the sixth month of our imprisonment in the camp. The military company (one unit of a battalion) in duty of guard was replaced by another one recently. We knew most members of the first company by then but we did not know members of this new guard force yet.

Anyway, the routine of the day had already started by visiting the open WC and we had already our breakfast. It was a very quite morning. Only two out of the 19 people in hall were in the corridor, sitting side by side and reading what we had. One was me. I was telling what I had dreamt this morning to my colleague and we were pondering about it. He would not like to ignore it as a normal dream.

“What kind of dream is this? “He mused. “Do you believe in dreams? I, for example don’t dream much and if I dream, it is usually about what I was thinking during the day. But my mother says her dreams are serious. I mean, they turn out to be true and she interprets dreams as well. Several people ask her so. But . . .?” He stared at me and, for sure, he was waiting for my response.

“Actually, I dream rarely and ask people for their interpretations and whether you believe it or not they happen in the real world sooner or later,” I told him my experience. When I saw a sense of doubt in his eyes, I added, “Believe me. Something will happen to us but I don’t think they will release us. That was what I realized from the face of the soldier.”

 It was about some minutes to 10 in the morning. We did not even finish our conversation about the dream. Our door was unlocked and to my surprise the man whom I saw in my dream entered our hall escorted with two others. My colleague whom I was telling about the dream could not believe what was happening. I could see his astonishment from his facial expressions. Neither did me.

He ordered us to collect all our private properties and to be ready quickly the same way he told me in the dream. We had mixed feelings. I am sure some had the hope of going home while the majority reached a conclusion that they were to relocate us to somewhere else.

We got ready in about five minutes time and were told to come out. When we went out, a truck was already there waiting for to transport us to another high-security military prison camp to be locked away for years to come.

Was it a dream or a revelation? I do not have the exact answer until this date.

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